ICC World Test Championship: A Comprehensive Guide to Test Cricket’s Premier Tournament

The ICC World Test Championship stands as the pinnacle of Test cricket, showcasing the highest level of skill, endurance, and determination in the longest format of the game. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of this prestigious tournament, highlighting its format, history, participating teams, and more.

ICC World Test Championship

The ICC World Test Championship, administered by the International Cricket Council (ICC), brings together the top-ranked Test cricket teams from around the globe to compete in a quest for ultimate glory. This championship serves as a culmination of the teams’ relentless efforts to dominate the traditional format of the game.

ICC World Test Championship

AdministratorInternational Cricket Council
FormatTest cricket
First edition2019–2021
Latest edition2021–2023
Next edition2023–2025
Tournament formatLeague and Final
Number of teams9
Current championNew Zealand (1st title)
Most successfulNew Zealand
Most runsEngland’s Joe Root – 4050
Most wicketsAustralia’s Nathan Lyon – 139

Format and Structure

The tournament follows a league and final format, ensuring an intense battle among the participating teams. In the league stage, nine teams engage in a series of Test matches against each other, both home and away, accumulating points based on their performance. The top two teams in the league standings then advance to the highly anticipated final.

Participating Teams

The ICC World Test Championship features the cricketing powerhouses of the world, each vying for the coveted title. The nine teams that have earned the privilege to compete in this prestigious tournament are:

1. Australia

2. Bangladesh

3. England

4. India

5. New Zealand

6. Pakistan

7. South Africa

8. Sri Lanka

9. West Indies

These teams represent a rich tapestry of cricketing talent, with each possessing a unique blend of skills and a burning desire to clinch the championship crown.

Team Performances

New ZealandW6thQ2
South Africa5th3rdQ2
Sri Lanka7th5thQ2
West Indies8th8thQ2

Historical Significance

The inaugural edition of the ICC World Test Championship took place from 2019 to 2021, captivating cricket enthusiasts worldwide. England emerged as the worthy winners, showcasing their prowess and resilience throughout the tournament. New Zealand, known for their never-say-die attitude, clinched the runners-up position, leaving a lasting impression on fans.


TournamentVenueWinnersResultRunners-upPlayer of the match
2019-2021Rose Bowl, SouthamptonNew Zealand,
249 & 140/2
249 & 140/2
New Zealand won by 8 wickets
217 & 170
Kyle Jamieson
2021-2023The Oval, LondonAustralia,
469 & 270/8
469 & 270/8
Australia won by 209 Runs
296 & 234
2023-2025Lord’s, LondonTBD

The Battle for Glory

The recent edition of the ICC World Test Championship (2021-2023) has already witnessed gripping encounters and stellar performances. The participating teams have showcased their mettle, engaging in captivating battles on the cricket field. As the tournament progresses, the cricketing world awaits with bated breath to witness the final showdown, where the top two teams will compete for the championship title.

The Key Players

Several remarkable cricketers have left an indelible mark on the ICC World Test Championship. Joe Root of England has stood out as the tournament’s leading run-scorer, displaying exceptional skill and consistency at the crease. Australia’s Nathan Lyon has showcased his prowess with the ball, leading the bowling charts and leaving batsmen in awe of his craft

The above are the structure of the ICC World Test Championship. The league stage acts as the gateway to the final, where the top two teams battle it out for the ultimate prize.

World Test Championship Records

BattingMost runsEngland- Joe Root4050[34]
Most hundredsEngland- Joe Root11[35]
Batting (Single Tournament)Most runsEngland- Joe Root1915(2021-2023)
Most hundredsEngland- Joe Root8 (2021–23)
Batting AverageHighest averagePakistan- Saud Shakeel72.50[36]
Highest scoreAustralia- David Warner v Pakistan335* (2019–21)[37]
BowlingMost wicketsAustralia- Nathan Lyon139[38]
Most wickets (Single Tournament)Australia- Nathan Lyon83 (2021–23)
Bowling AverageBest averageAustralia- SM Boland13.42[39]
Best bowling in an inningsNew Zealand- Ajaz Patel v India10/119 (2021–23)
Best bowling in a matchNew Zealand- Ajaz Patel v India14/225 (2021–23)[40]
TeamHighest scoreNew Zealand- New Zealand v Pakistan659/6d (2019–21)[41]
Lowest scoreIndia- India v Australia36 (2019–21)

The ICC World Test Championship epitomizes the essence of Test cricket, celebrating the patience, skill, and resilience required to excel in the longest format of the game. As the tournament unfolds, cricket enthusiasts worldwide will witness remarkable performances, emotional roller-coasters, and the crowning of a deserving champion.

Through its unique format, star-studded teams, and passionate battles on the field, the ICC World Test Championship continues to captivate cricket lovers and remains a pinnacle of excellence in the world of Test cricket.

Note: The content and details mentioned in this article are subject to change as the tournament progresses.

With this well-structured and informative article, we aim to provide valuable insights into the ICC World Test Championship.

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